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We are all in the education space together. This section of the Polemics Academy is where we provide free resources for parents and educators to use at home and in the classroom. We are always looking for ways to reinvest products to the community, if you have an app or a feature request let us know at


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Common Core Math

This 100 page eBook features four common methods in Common Core Math, for grades 1-6 it covers making tens, area/box multiplication, partial quotient and the expanded form. Over 10,000 words of text for parents and educators to understand how these common core methods work.

Multiplication Fact Work Sheets: Multiplying Numbers 10 and Under

The Excel Wizard Generates random worksheets for practicing multiplication for numbers 10 and under.

Multiplication Work Sheets: Multiplying Numbers 1×2 and 2×2 digits

The Excel Wizard Generates random worksheets for practicing multiplication for 1×2 and 2×2 digit numbers (like 5×15 or 45×56)

Multiplication Box Method for Common Core

The Box method can be confusing to parents and educators that didn’t grow up with it. In our Common Core Math Book we’ve outlined how to do it, now you can have students practice with these free worksheets.

1×2 to 2×4 Multiplication Excel Question Generator

MD5 Hash for 1×2 to 2×4 worksheets: 706F119AD82B00C8304776412C114740

2×2 Multiplication Excel Question Generator in Excel

This excel file will generate sets of 2×2 Multiplication questions and provide the answers. Fully printable and easy to use. MD5 Hash: FF3025DD0FD423A6965DFF6A7BE62D46